green & sustainability

The built environment has a profound impact on our natural environment,
economy, and health and productivity.

In the United States, buildings account for:

• 36% of total energy use/65% electricity consumption

• 30% of greenhouse gas emissions

• 30% of raw materials use

• 30% of waste output/136 million tons annually

• 12% of potable water consumption

Breakthroughs in building science, technology and operations are available to designers, builders and owners who want to build green and maximize both economicand environmental performance.

Environmental benefits:

• Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity

• Improve air and water quality

• Reduce solid waste

• Conserve natural resources

Economic benefits:

• Reduce Operating Costs

• Enhance asset value and profits

• Improve employee productivity and satisfaction

• Optimize life-cycle economic performance

Health and community benefits:

• Improve air, thermal and acoustic environments

• Enhance occupant comfort and health

• Minimize strain on local infrastructure

• Contribute to overall quality of life

Source: USGBC-

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